These bouffant caps are the top pick for all of our food processing customers.

Our bouffant hairnets come in a variety of sizes for a comfortable fit.

They are offered in many colors to meet the individual needs of your facility.

  • Because of our strict standards, the same high quality product you purchase today will be the exact same quality one year from now.
  • Made with FFDCA compliant materials to keep food and workers safe.
  • MSDS sheets available upon request.
  • Emergency delivery service at no extra charge for our established customers.
  • Check out our testimonials and see what customers are saying about Majestic!

Manufactured by the high standards of all Safety Zone products.

DBWH-(SIZE)-19-1 White Bouffant    19" 100/BG 10BG/CS
DBWH-(SIZE)-21-1 White Bouffant   21" 100/BG 10BG/CS
DBWH-(SIZE)-24-1 White Bouffant   24" 100/BG 10BG/CS
DBWH-(SIZE)-28-1 White Bouffant   28" 100/BG 10BG/CS
DBBL-(SIZE)-19-1 Blue Bouffant   19" 100/BG 10BG/CS
DBBL-(SIZE)-21-1 Blue Bouffant   21" 100/BG 10BG/CS
DBBL-(SIZE)-24-1 Blue Bouffant   24" 100/BG 10BG/CS
DBGR-(SIZE)-19-1 Green Bouffant   19" 100/BG 10BG/CS
DBGR-(SIZE)-21-1 Green Bouffant   21" 100/BG 10BG/CS
DBGR-(SIZE)-24-1 Green Bouffant   24" 100/BG 10BG/CS
DBRE-(SIZE)-21-1 Red Bouffant   21" 100/BG 10BG/CS
DBRE-(SIZE)-24-1 Red Bouffant   24" 100/BG 10BG/CS
DBYE-(SIZE)-21-1 Yellow Bouffant   21" 100/BG 10BG/CS
DBYE-(SIZE)-24-1 Yellow Bouffant   24" 100/BG 10BG/CS
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