Nitrile Gloves

Our nitrile gloves come in various colors, styles, sizes and thicknesses.

They are our Best selling glove and a reliable choice.

Pass inspection every time!

Trust Majestic Supply!

  • Because of our strict standards, the same high quality product you buy today will be the exact same quality a year from now.
  • All Materials used comply with the provisions of the FD&C which allow for repeated use in direct contact with food.
  • Ambidextrous
  • Available in powdered and powder free styles
  • Snug, secure fit
  • Certified 510K
  • MSDS sheets available upon request.
  • Emergency delivery service at no extra charge for our established customers.
  • Check out our testimonials and see what customers are saying about Majestic!

Manufactured by the high standards of all Safety Zone products.

GNPR-(SIZE)-1M Blue Powder Free Nitrile 3.5 SM-XL 100/BX 10/CS
GNPR-(SIZE)-2X-1M Blue Powder Free Nitrile 3.5 2X 100/BX 10/CS
GNPR-(SIZE)-1-K Black Powder Free Nitrile 5 SM-XL 100/BX 10/CS
GNPR-(SIZE)-2X-1-K Black Powder Free Nitrile 5 2X 100/BX 10/CS
GNPR-(SIZE)-1M-SZR Indigo Powder Free Nitrile 3 SM-XL 100/BX 10/CS
GNPR-(SIZE)-1 Blue Powder Free Nitrile 6 SM-LG 100/BX 10/CS
GNPR-(SIZE)-XL-1 Blue Powder Free Nitrile  6 XL 100/BX 10/CS
GNPR-(SIZE)-2X-1 Blue Powder Free Nitrile 6 2X 100/BX 10/CS
GNPL-(SIZE)-5-TB 12″ Blue Powder Free Nitrile 8 SM-XL 50/BX 10BX/CS
GNPL-(SIZE)-2X-5-TB 12″ Blue Powder Free Nitrile 8 2X 50/BX 10BX/CS
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