Color Coded Products

Color coded supplies and products help prevent cross contamination and promote a safer work space. The color-coding program uses a system of colors to distinguish between zones in a food processing facility. Using this kind of system allows for instant recognition of tools, clothing and other items. If a tool is in the wrong zone, it can be quickly identified and removed to minimize the chance of a recall or shutdown.


  • Sparta Duo Sweep Angle broom
  • Durable, Sanitary PolyPropylene Bristles
  • Threaded Handles– for use with push brooms, sweeps, squeegees and floor scrubs
  • 24″ heavy duty floor sweeps, Plastic block, FDA approved materials
  • 24″ color coded squeegees–all plastic durable Construction, will not rust, available in 7 HACCP compliant colors fits 60″ flex Tip handles
  • All Purpose color coded Utility brushes available in short or long Plastic Handles.. Tough and economical for many uses
    • Check out our variety of colored gloves, hairnets and aprons to create an organized, efficient and safe environment.
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